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Senior Programmer Officer (IUCN)

Under the overall guidance of the Country Representative and the Programme Coordinator of IUCN Bangladesh, the Senior Programme Officer will undertake following specific responsibilities:


Manage and supervise all project activities as outlined in the agreement between donor and IUCN and subsequent revisions agreed upon by donor and IUCN;
Manage the project budget by ensuring the application of all appropriate IUCN and donor policies, procedures, and guidelines;
Manage and lead the project team, including the volunteers and the consultants, and ensure timely outputs from them;
Maintain close relationship with donor and its pertinent staff and wings for compliance, funding, capacity development, and building networks for effective implementation of the project;
Develop and maintain networks, collaborations and partnerships with organizations, individuals and stakeholders on a regular basis in line with the project needs, risk management, and for smooth project implementation;
Ensure that all project reports on performance, financial, personnel, and procurement and all other committed deliverables are produced, submitted and accepted by donor on a timely manner as per the agreement;
Ensure that the project work and progress are properly and regularly communicated with different stakeholders including other relevant government agencies;
Ensure all necessary IUCN’s management requirements, including timely submission of work plans, budgets, internal agreements, contracts, and progress reports;
Guide project team members to monitoring the performance of the project and track progress on issues, and report against key performance indicators of the project(s) in the light of monitoring protocol of the project;
Ensure that the project communications plan is properly implemented in the light of pertinent policies and guidelines of IUCN and donor; and
Ensure that IUCN and donor policies and mandates as outlined in the agreement are duly complied by the project team.


Masters degree, with Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Botany, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or other relevant disciplines.
5 years of relevant professional experience. Managerial experience will be a distinct advantage.
Excellent presentation, writing and spoken communication skills in English are essential.
International experience will be an added advantage.
Please visit the following link for detailed job description, requirements, and salary and to apply for this position.

This is a local recruitment. Only Bangladeshi nationals are eligible to apply. The recruitment and benefits package for above positionsare established with reference to the local labour market and in line with the IUCN conditions of service for Bangladesh.

Decline of APPLICATION: 15th December 2020

For more information, please visit


Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System,
by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the “Apply” button.


Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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